Three Whole Stories

Three Whole Stories

ONE: A woman who suffered twelve years from hemorrhaging believed if she should touch the clothes that Jesus was wearing, she would be healed.  She found Jesus, touched his clothes, and was healed.  Jesus told her, ‘your faith has made you whole” (Matt. 9:22).

TWO: A blind man heard that Jesus was passing by – cried out for mercy.  Jesus asked him what he wanted him to do. The man said he wanted to receive his sight. Jesus sent him on his way, and told him, ‘your faith has made you whole” (Mark 10:52).

THREE: Ten lepers were healed by Jesus.  One came back glorifying God, and kneeled at Jesus feet in thanksgiving. He was a Samaritan.  Jesus said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you whole” (Luke 17:19).  

Will you be made whole? Your measure of faith can make you whole IF you put it into action!

written by Roberta Young-Jackson, Associate Minister, FUBC