Deacon Ministry

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The Mission Statement of the Deacon Ministry is to provide our Pastor, Members of this Branch of Zion, and God’s children as a whole, the best of our service and talent in ministering to their spiritual and physical needs.

Our goals are to:

  1. Develop and demonstrate the character of Jesus the Christ;
  2. To enhance our Faith and knowledge of Jesus as the Scriptures direct; “Study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.
  3. To be constant in thanksgiving and Prayer seeking to receive and be obedient to guidance from the Holy Ghost.
  4. To regularly visit our members as required or requested.
  5. To show reverence and respect for the Deacon Ministry by developing our Gift of Service through on-going training.
  6. To consistently encourage others toward the Saving knowledge of Jesus; Through the direction of the Holy Spirit, we will share the Gospel of Christ, recognizing his Grace and Mercy.
  7. To be acquainted with and knowledgeable of the Ordinances and Articles of Faith of the Baptist Church.
  8. To recognize that each of God’s Children has a specific significance and to encourage one another to be aware of their Spiritual Gift(s) and the urgency that they operate in these gifts.
  9. To support all ministries of this Branch of Zion, providing assistance as require or requested
  10. To consistently attend Bible Study, in particular, Wednesday night Bible Study and Sunday School,
  11. To be available, at all times, to our Pastor to help and assist with his ministry and vision for this church, First Union Baptist Church.


  • Chairman, Percy Campbell, Jr.
  • Vice Chairman, Ricardo Henderson
  • Secretary, James Nicholas
  • Chaplain, Johnnie Shepperson, Jr.
  • Treasurer, Joe Person

Other Deacons:

  • Fred Amy, Sr.
  • William Hicks, Sr.

Emeritus Deacons:  

  • Hezekiah Ross
  • William Watson
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