Deacons:   William Hicks, Sr. 804-536-2255 and Rodney Clarke 804-937-3320

Deaconess: Erin Sims 804-914-4068 and Flossie Jackson 804-266-6939

Trustee:     Tishenia Strong 804-512-9438


This Week at FUBC

The following ministries will be meeting this week:

*Men’s Ministry                                             Mon.  Nov. 11– 6:30pm

*Women’s Ministry                                         Mon. Nov. 11- 6:30pm

*Choir Rehearsal                     Tue. & Thur. Nov. 12 & 14 – 6:30pm

*USDA                                                              Thur. Nov. 14 – 6:00pm

*Envoy                                                                  Sat. Nov. 16 -3:00pm

Upcoming Events

Veterans’ Day Appreciation/FUBC VETERANS: Please join us today for breakfast at the Veterans Table after the 8:00 am service.

USDA:    Thursday, November 14 at 6:00pm. Multiple Ministries to assist.

ENVOY: Saturday, October 19 at 3:00pm. The Music Ministry will serve.

Nominating Committee: is accepting nominations for the following positions:  1- Church Clerk, 1- Assistant Church Clerk, 1 – Sunday School Superintendent, 1 – Music Committee, 1- Financial Secretary and 9 – Trustee Positions. The deadline to return forms is Sunday,  November 10, 2019.  Position descriptions and terms are posted on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board. Nomination forms are available in the Fellowship Hall.  Please leave completed forms and all necessary paperwork in the Nominating Committee’s Nomination Box in the Fellowship Hall.



Mon: God’s Word Is True and Reliable-Isaiah 40:6 -9

Tue: Jesus Enables Victory over Sin- Romans 7:14-25

Wed: Love One Another- Romans 13:8-10

Thu: New Life Through the Spirit-Romans 8:1-11

Fri: Live by the Spirit-Galatians 5:16-26

Sat: Rejoice in God’s Actions in Christ- 1Peter 1:3-12

Sun: Call to Holy Living – 1 Peter 1:13-25


Prayer Requests:  May be sent to the following email address –

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