Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. William H. Whitaker, II

Dr. William H. Whitaker, II is honored to be the Pastor of the First Union Baptist Church, 6144 Derwent Road,  Richmond, Virginia.  A minister called to nurture and educate the people of God and improve the quality of ministry life within the religious community, he has worked tirelessly as a Spirit-led ministry leader since accepting his call to ministry in 1990.  His ministry is both multi-cultural and ecumenical providing ministry training and support within churches, seminaries, and state conventions of various denominations and cultures.

In 1997, Dr. Whitaker began his ministry consulting firm, CBA1 LLC, under the name “The Elijah Project” which provides a refuge of clergy care to “wounded” pastors and ministers.  Under CBA1, Dr. Whitaker provides a path of “restoration and re-entry to ministry” for hurting churches, spiritually burned out lay leaders, and ministers who have been terminated and displaced from their churches.  Today, CBA1 provides church business administration training and resources to churches throughout the states of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and also Washington, D.C.

Educationally, Dr. Whitaker has served as a ministry trainer, clergy mentor, and seminary instructor in various seminaries within the United States.  He is currently an instructor of Church Finance and Administration at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia.  Additionally, Dr. Whitaker is a published author of several books and ministry training videos in the area of clergy care and church business administration which are being used as resources in today’s churches and seminaries.

Dr. Whitaker has been blessed to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the Master of Divinity degree from the School of Theology at Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, and the Doctor of Ministry degree from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Of all his accomplishments, Dr. Whitaker considers family and home life to be his greatest.  He resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife of 20 years, Maria, his daughter, McKenzie, and his son, William Howard Whitaker, III.

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