For August 13, 2017

Officers For The Month Of August

Deacons: Deacon Percy Campbell, Jr. (h) 598-8612 and Deacon-Elect Rodney Clarke (h) 675-1142

Trustee: Evelyn White (c) 840-1630

The following ministries will be meeting this week:

*Men’s Ministry                      Mon., Aug. 14 – 6:30pm

*Women’s Ministry                Mon., Aug. 14 – 6:30pm

*Youth Choir                           Tue. & Thur., Aug. 15 & 17 – 6:30pm


FUBC Ministries 30 Days At-A-Glance

Women’s Ministry: On Monday, August 14th @ 6:30pm we will continue in the Bible Study “Relationally Rooted: Women in the Company of Jesus Christ” – The Seed Dispersal Women’s Group will facilitate. All women are invited to attend.

Newsletter Article Deadline (September): Wednesday, August 16th.  Send your articles to Sister Roxanne Saunders at or the church office at

Back-to-School Weekend: Saturday, August 19th & Sunday, August 20th.  Theme: “Coming Together with the Community” Psalm 133:1.  On Saturday, our annual ‘Back-to-School Rally from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  There will be supplies for school children of all ages, games and fun activities.  On Sunday, we will have our ‘Back-to-School’ worship service at 11:00am.  The Reverend Michael Jones, Pastor of the Village of Faith and Councilman will be our guest preacher.  The Youth & Young Adult Ministries are asking that all join in to show your school spirit by wearing your school colors or apparel representing your elementary, middle, high schools, college, or university you currently attend or graduated from.

ENVOY: Saturday, August 19th at 3:00pm.  The 50-Plus Ministry will be in charge.  Pastor Whitaker will preach.  The Male Chorus will sing.

Nominating Committee: Nominations for the following positions: 3 – Trustee Positions are being received through Sunday, August 20th at the end of the 11:00am service.  Position descriptions and terms are posted on the bulletin boards throughout the church. Nomination forms are available in the Fellowship Hall.  Please leave completed forms and all necessary paperwork in the Nominating Committee’s Nomination Box in the Fellowship Hall.

Men’s Ministry: Is sponsoring our 2nd Annual Men’s Retreat on Saturday, October 21st from 8:00am – 3:00pm at the Hilton Double-Tree Hotel. Our keynote speaker is our very own Pastor, Dr. William Whitaker II.  Our theme: “Are You Man Enough to be Christlike?” John 15:3. Cost is $80 with two installment payments of $40.  First payment is due August 27th and second payment is due September 24th.  For more information, contact Brother Jamil Shepperson.



  • Sis. Marjorie Bryant, 6436  Moon Lane, Richmond, VA 23234, 218-4998
  • Sis. Rita M. Christianbey, PO Box 13427, Richmond, VA  23225, 836-0045
  • Sis. Louise Clark, 9525 Gregory’s Charter Ct, North Chesterfield, VA 23236, 937-3320
  • Sis. Patricia Harper, 5406 Burtwood Lane, Richmond, VA 23224
  • Sis. Patricia Harrison-Evans, 4601 Britannia Rd, Richmond, VA 23234
  • Bro. Howard Jackson, 7246 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, 23225, 320-7901
  • Sis. Shirley Jones, 635 Tilton Court, Richmond, VA 23224, 230-0271
  • Bro. Robert Jordan, 621 N. 33rd St, Richmond, VA 23223, 745.1831
  • Dea. James Nicholas, 6806 Buglers Trail Ln, Mosely, VA 23120, 339-3950
  • Sis. Willie M. Scott, 11310 Mendota Rd, Chesterfield,  23238, 739-2943
  • Bro. James Smith, 6242 Manuel Court, Richmond, VA, 23234, 743-9740
  • Sis. Eleanor Taylor, Lexington Court Nursing Home, 1776 Cambridge Dr., Richmond, VA 23238
  • Sis. Lavern Webster, 2504 Susten Lane, Richmond, VA , 23224, 380-8315


 The FUBC Pastor’s Prayer Room

Phone number:  (712) 775-7031

Access code: 770-046

Join us each Wednesday at 12 noon

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