For June 18, 2017

Officers For The Month Of June

Deacons: Deacon William Hicks, Sr. (c) 536-2255 and Deacon-Elect Earl Mason (c) 347-3503

Trustee:  Cecelia Hilliard (c) 840-1996

The following ministries will be meeting this week:

*Deaconess                             Mon., June 19 – 7:00pm

*Cherubim Choir                     Tue. June 20 – 6:30pm

*Mass Choir                            Tue. June 20 – 7:00pm

FUBC Ministries 30 Days At-A-Glance

Deacon-Elect Training: Monday, June 19th at 6:00pm. 

Ministers-in-Training: Monday, June 19th at 6:00pm.

Ordination Ministers Training: Tuesday, June 20th at 6:30pm.

Newsletter Article Deadline (July): Wednesday, June 21st.  Send your articles to Sister Roxanne Saunders at or the church office at

Prayers @ the Union: On Wednesday, June 21st, we are having communion and prayer service for our youth and young adults.

2nd Quarter Church Meeting: Thursday, June 22nd at 6:45pm.  All members are requested to attend. 

Youth Sunday: Due to our Men’s Day Celebration on 3rd Sunday, Youth Sunday will be celebrated on 4th Sunday, June 25thThis will be Youth and Young Adult Achievement/Recognition Sunday.  At the 11am service, we will be recognizing all Youth and Young Adults for their educational achievements this school year. All recent college and high school graduates please wear your cap and gowns as you are recognized. Forms are available in the Narthex to highlight any special achievements of Youth and Young Adults from this school year. You may turn in any forms or share any recognition information with any Deaconess, Rev. Joshua Williams, or Sis. Jessica Mason.

Sunday School – VBS 2017: “Super God! Super Me! Super-Possibility” (June 26th – 30th).  Registration forms are available in the Narthex and the Fellowship Hall.  For more information, contact Reverend Charlene McQueen-Martin at or 804-939-9464.



  • Deac. Glynova Amy, 7806 Grampian Ct, Chesterfield, 23838, 748-4554
  • Sis. Marjorie Bryant, 6436  Moon Lane, Richmond, VA 23234, 218-4998
  • Sis. Rita M. Christianbey, PO Box 13427, Richmond, VA  23225, 836-0045
  • Sis. Louise Clark, 9525 Gregory’s Charter Ct, North Chesterfield, VA 23236, 937-3320
  • Sis. Patricia Harper, 5406 Burtwood Lane, Richmond, VA 23224
  • Sis. Patricia Harrison-Evans, 4601 Britannia Rd, Richmond, VA 23234
  • Bro. Howard Jackson, 7246 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, 23225, 320-7901
  • Sis. Shirley Jones, 635 Tilton Court, Richmond, VA 23224, 230-0271
  • Bro. Robert Jordan, 621 N. 33rd St, Richmond, VA 23223, 745.1831
  • Dea. James Nicholas, 6806 Buglers Trail Ln, Mosely, VA 23120, 339-3950
  • Sis. Willie M. Scott, 11310 Mendota Rd, Chesterfield,  23238, 739-2943
  • Bro. James Smith, 6242 Manuel Court, Richmond, VA, 23234, 743-9740
  • Sis. Eleanor Taylor, Lexington Court Nursing Home, 1776 Cambridge Dr., Richmond, VA 23238
  • Sis. Lavern Webster, 2504 Susten Lane, Richmond, VA , 23224, 380-8315

 The FUBC Pastor’s Prayer Room

Phone number:  (712) 775-7031

Access code: 770-046

Join us each Wednesday at 12 noon

Prayer Requests:  May be sent to the following email address –

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